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Lotsa Bones

One thing I forgot to mention about that dream come true day with the dolphin, mahi mahi, was that Hank had said a few times that when they are in a feeding frenzy that they will hit a bare hook. I never did say any thing but I always just thought to myself that “sure they will”. Proof be in the puddin I saw it with my own eyes. We hooked two that day on a bare hook and I’m dyin if I’m lie’n.

We say lots and lots of bones today and even stuck a few. The guys with me had never fly fished for bonefish before and it was all a new experience. Of course they had to go through all the jitters and tangles and hooking their own cap and all the rest when I pointed out the first bonefish. Then there was the problem with seeing them and figuring out left from right and 3 o’clock from 9 o’clock. Things were slowly improving and they both managed to get a couple on their first time out which is not bad at all. When they asked if an experienced bone fisherman could have caught more, I just said “I think it’s going to be a nice day tomorrow”


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