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Lots Of Fish

Benri and Tommy were guiding up Fresh Creek yesterday and said they got into lots of fish. It was cloudy in the morning but dead calm so they found quite a few tailing fish. Mid day the sun appeared and the sight fishing was good. Herman was in Bowen Sound and they did quite well there also. As for me I just took a short walk past the marina around the point from the old light house. I was basically just going for a walk but thought may as well take the fly rod along just in case and I’m glad I did. It was low tide and the wind was from the west so conditions there were perfect. I got into a school of about fifty and got two out of that before a big cuda came and joined the action and that was the end of that. As I was walking back along the little beach by the cannons I saw three big bones cruising close to shore. I quickly stripped some line, made the cast and the biggest one gobbled it. It was 27 inches and I figure about 7 or 8 pounds.

Going to Florida today for a week and then be back for more adventures. Got to get that peas and rice taste out of my mouth for awhile.


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