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Lots Of Fish

Nice Swimming Pool

Big Bull Dolphin

How about that for a big dolphin. Hank and I headed out in the dark for the fishing grounds and we were there well before the sun came up. I will have to admit I was a little nervous as we weaved our way through the reef. At times we were down to a slow idle as the tide was extremely low. Had it not been for a bit of moonlight we would not have tried it. We got to the  site just as it was turning light and the fishing was hot right off the gitgo. I won’t say how many we got but it was more than the previous trip and that was a good one. We were back on the dock by ten and the next couple hours was spent cleaning fish. The sharks last night had a feast on the carcasses.

The first picture is on a ocean flat about 20 miles north of here. We went there a couple days ago and it was good. My first time on that particular flat. The local kids and their dogs were having a good time and they eagerly waved when I told them I was taking their picture.


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