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Lookin For Tarpon

I think we were a bit premature heading for the west side and the tarpon country yesterday. Reason being there were two of the coldest days of the season here recently with north west winds. However we did the trip and what fantastic country we got into. We went across through the north bight and found still murky water along the west coast there. We then headed south all the way down to an area called Spanish Wells which is at the mouth of middle bight. This is the prime tarpon country and once there I could see why. There are huge flats which are cut in pieces by deep channels. We found lots of bonefish but no tarpon. The bonefish there are pretty easy to get. I had on a 2/0 deceiver rigged with a wire leader for cudas and tarpon. I threw this rig right in the middle of three big bones and one ate it. Tommy just shook his head with disbelief. The weather for the next week is looking very good with highs in the low 80’s. This will bring the water temp back up and we will be making another trip down there very soon.


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