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The weather is a bit cool, breezy and cloudy and is supposed to be that way for the next couple days. This means postponing our trip up to Red Bays and down the coast of the west side this weekend. Also Tommy Key and I are waiting for a good weather window to go through the North Bight to the west side. He, Benri and Andy Smith went there a week or so ago and came back with some good video of tarpon on the fly. They hooked three big ones and got several jumps but all three eventually spit the fly.

As I was drinking my cup of coffee this morning and walking down the dock I noticed three lionfish. The tide was low so I went back and got my spear. I got two out of the three. Lionfish are not native to the Atlantic but got here somehow. Their tentacles are extremely poisonous and they are creating havoc with the grouper population by eating the eggs. They have no natural enemies (except me and my spear) and are reproducing like crazy in these waters. They are also very tough. The second one I let hang on the spear over the railing and half hour later it was still alive.


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