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Life On Andros

The following is a report I just received from Lulu on Andros Island:


Our friends from Montana left this morning and Speedo went fishing with Gogie and Jerry, so I have time to catch up on emails and laundry. Last Monday we all went bonefishing and did the leap frog thing on Crab Cay. Marylou came with me and Curtis went with Speedo. I saw two fish, the first one I think I did something wrong with my stripping and kind of spooked it. The second one I made a decent cast and he followed, but refused it. Speedo and Curtis saw nothing. Tuesday we went off shore, and it was a slow day. We left at 8:30 and trolled all the way down to the north bight. We caught cudas and lost a small dolphin. Finally at 2:00 we caught a nice wahoo and then one more small one. I was starting to worry that I would be skunked. It was a long day, but a beautiful one on the ocean.. Wednesday was a diving day. Marylou had never been snorkeling before, and she was pretty nervous, but we had an incredible day. We saw a nurse shark with a huge remora on it, a baby green turtle, rays, a lion fish, all the usual fishes and of course we were able to spear some lobster for our dinner that night. She said she felt like she was on a national geographic adventure. Thursday was back to bonefishing. We started on the flat where you and I saw the schools, but we didn’t see much there. A few singles but nothing I could cast to. Then we went over to Beef Cay, and they were everywhere. Curtis had done flyfishing at home , but had never been bonefishing, so he was excited to see them even though he didn’t hook one. The bad news is that the wind picked up to about 25 knots, so I didn’t have a chance. Marylou and I went over to the cay where it was a little protected. I saw a small cuda and practiced casting to him and caught him. It was fun even though I lost my fly. Saturday we went to Somerset. Right as we first started walking on the flat the visibility was marginal, the sun peeked through and there was a group of about 12 bones right in front of me-they spooked me!! Then we never saw another one, but I got some good shells. Sunday Alex threw a birthday party for Hank. We all went up with Hank and Eva. You could not believe the amount of food he had. Every imaginable Bahamian dish was there. There were quite a few people and we all had fun. Yesterday was our first cold day here. It got up to about 65, but since the wind was blowing from the north, we were freezing. It doesn’t take long for your blood to get thin. tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so we are going to go try to cacth some more wahoo. It’s a tough life around here, but somehow we manage.

Ta Ta for now, Lulu

It sounds like their having it pretty tough. The only thing I can say to Lulu is to keep after those bones and remember to slow down and load that line. I appreciate her taking time from their busy schedule to keep us informed and I hope to hear some more especially when she hooks up with that monster bonefish.


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