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Laundry Day

Day off from fishing and doing very little except for eating and taking numerous naps. Big Jim and Dave are out with Herman again today at Bowen Sound as it’s still too windy for the Joulters. Thought about going fishing for awhile but then I would have to gas up the boat, take my gear to the dock etc. ——so I took another nap instead, talk about getting lazy. Actually it’s a good day to take off as there are lots of clouds and it’s windy. Low tide tomorrow morning is at 10:30 so that’s perfect to go out front to Somerset. Going to load the whole crew in the ole truck and head out there. We put some of Hank’s resturant chairs in the box in back so every one will have a seat. This would be frowned at in the States but here it’s the accepted Bahamian way. The ole truck quit running so Hank called his mechanic. This guy is amazing, he poked around a few things, kicked a few things, never stopped talking and in a matter of minutes had it running like a top. I thought it was going to be a serious repair job. The first half way decent day we get without a lot of wind Hank and I are going offshore toward the south buoy where there are reported to be large schools of dorado.


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