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Launch The Truck?

For my last couple days here the weather has not been cooperating at all. Lots of clouds and wind. Yesterday I went out for a short time when there was a little window of sun. Caught a nice 7 pound bone on the edge of Cargill Cut. Wanted to get back to Young Sound one more time but it’s really rough on the outside.

Sammy from Calabash Bay was launching his boat yesterday on the ramp next to Hank’s. All of a sudden I heard some hollering and I ran around the corner to see what the commotion was all about. Well not only did he launch his boat but his truck as well. It was far enough in the water that the fishes were swimming in the cab. They had what appeared to be a clothes line rope went they tried to pull it out and I knew that wasn’t going to work. I have a good long tow rope in the old truck and got that. He had to dive down and unhook the trailer as it wouldn’t pull out. Finally got it pulled out and he opened the cab doors and the water poured out. I will say that with all this going on Sammy did not lose his sense of humor. He turned the ignition on to see if the gauges worked and made the comment that this was the first time the gas gauge showed full. It was full all right—-full of sea water.


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