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Last Day Hook Up

So this is our last day on Andros Island. Being a novice fly fisherman, catching the elusive bonefish was more difficult than Clay imagined. Casting into the wind, eyes not being adjusted to seeing the fish and snarling the line at critical times made the possibility of catching one was unlikely. However, with Al’s patience, guidance and finding the fish it happened. Al took us to a secret spot where we encountered big singles, doubles and LARGE schools, unbelievable amounts of fish. We could creep within 15-20 feet. The wind condition was not the same as casting in Montana where I can land a fly with a nice presentation. Here, punching into a 22 knot wind, I found I could cast 2-3 feet off the front of the pole. Using a side cast that Al taught me I was able to place the fly within 8 feet of the fish and strip. I was getting to the point where the leader was coming through the tip top and the fish was following the fly and he took it! And away he went. The strength of the fish was astounding. Last day we had to git her done. After this experience trout fishing is going to seem a bit timid.

Our experience on Andros Island has hooked us. A large part is due to Al’s patience and expertise. His knowledge of the area and his established relationships with local fisherman made us feel very welcome and part of the Fresh Creek community. Hank and Eva are perfect hosts. Hank’s dry wit and Eva’s homemade goodies were special touches. We felt very welcome and at home. We’re coming back and will report on our next visit.


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