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black tip shark

Temp: 75, Wind E6

I think labowski flat  is getting way too much fishing pressure. Not from  people but there are three ospreys who have  taken up residence on that little  island at the  east end of the flat. As soon  as I stepped out  of the  boat and  started to wade it they all three took wing and made  it clear this was  their flat. They kept  swooping the water in front of me definitely putting  the run on any bones that may have been there. Then they would dive  bomb me stopping about ten feet above me. I finally gave up and said “fine, it’s your flat”. They literally chased me all the way back to the boat. The only fish I saw was that black tip shark in the photo. He was fair sized and  was getting a might  too close at times. I finally poked my rod toward his eye  and slowly turned and left.

Partly cloudy with lightwinds forecast for next  couple days.

Never touched a bonefish today. Some days dats da way it is.


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