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Kambich Pond

Kambich Pond

Big Hole River 4340 cfs—Maidenrock

Kambich pond is located about two miles south of Divide right at the base of Goat Mt. It is more like a small lake than a pond as it’s about 15 acres in size. It holds browns, brook and some really big kamloops. It is owned by the Divide-Kambich ranch. It is very close to the river so it gets the same hatches as the river. It can be lots of fun for a few hours, after that it gets a bit boring, at least for me. You can book a guided trip on it or book it and fish on your own. Give me a call if interested.

The river continues to drop and visibility getting better. Weather for this week is for cool cloudy rainy conditions. Perfect for streamers and buggers.


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