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Joulters to Fresh Creek

Eric and JP just got back from the Joulters and as I thougt had a great day. They went with Shawn Riley who I don’t know but was recommended by Hank and Herman. They had the same cloud conditions for a couple hours as we did up the creek. Art and Jim ran into a huge school of bones up the creek and caught several. These were mostly smaller fish but you take what the fish gods give you. John Rich who is also from Montana has been fishing with Herman’s buddy and they have been concentrating on the mutton snappers. John reports this evening that they have been getting some good sized snapper and his buddy is out tonight and probably will be out all night fishing. These guys amaze me with their ability to see and navigate the channels in total darkness. The Big Labowski tried to dump me off the boat today when I let him drive it but I was way too quick for him and did a choke hold around his neck to hang on.


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