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Island Cars

Hank has an older suburban that he only lets special guests use here on the island. I have come to the decision that he only lets people use it that he doesn’t like. A couple days ago Jim and Sandy used it to go Cargill Creek and wound up having to get a $50 taxi ride back. Hank had his mechanic work on it and swore that now it was in perfect condition. Believing him, Art and I took it to Somerset Beach yesterday and that’s where it quit. We finally got it back to Hank’s and Art and I worked on it and now I really think it’s fixed. I had to take Jim and Sandy to the airport early this morning and not really trusting the ole suburban yet we used one of Michael’s rental cars just to be on the safe side. It quit running 4 times to and from the airport and I was relieved when I finally got it back. How ever one does not complain about the condition of the vehicles here as they will simply tell you to walk.

We ran into some big schools of tailing fish at low tide out from Somerset yesterday. The last time we were there we only found a few but this time we went further out in the ocean and there they were.

Forecast for the next few days is for light winds and it’s just Art and I here now so we are going to be doing lot’s of exploring.


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