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Improving Conditions

The flow this morning at Maidenrock was 308 cfs which is near normal for this time of year. Average flow there is 318 cfs.

In the past few days there has been some huge fish caught. One of my guys got a 25 incher using a big dry fly with a very different technique that I told him to try. Just before that big guy he also got a 21 incher.

You think that’s big, how about this? Last week a friend caught a 34 inch brown on a streamer near Divide. I saw the picture of the fish. It was a bit on the thin side looking like an old fish. I’m waiting for both these pictures to be sent to me so I can post them.

I’m still getting calls and folks stopping in the shop asking if the Big Hole River is closed. Again it is wide open with no restrictions from Dickie Bridge to Melrose. From the mouth of the North Fork to Dickie bridge has the hoot owl restriction. Meaning no fishing from 2pm to midnight. Melrose down stream is closed but with the increased flows should open soon. The Jefferson reopened on Wednesday.


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