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Ideal Day on Andros

Temp. 74, light wind SE at 8, blue skies.

These all add up to an almost perfect bonefishing day here. It was cold again last night so I was not in a big rush to get going this morning.

Went up the creek and when I first stepped in the water on that first flat, that water was darn cold. With the water this cold I figured I might not see any fish as they tend to stay in deeper, warmer water in these conditions. I was pleasantly surprised within just a few minutes when I spotted a big one at about 40 feet coming right at me. Well I did one too many false casts and the fly landed about 10 feet behind him and the fly line right on his head. I don’t need to tell you what he did then. Hey give me a break, it was my first cast in almost a year at a bonefish.

Next couple I nailed. On this one I dropped the fly in front him and was waiting for a sec or two as it was in deeper water and suddenly he nailed it before I even stripped.

I saw fish on just about every flat I was on. Not very many but big ones. Mostly singles and pairs. The smaller fish do tend to stay in deeper warmer water. I was using Art’s tan #6 gotcha and never got one refusal. If I got the fly in front of them, they ate it.

There should be a few pics of some bones and the osprey. You can see by the blue sky why it was a great day. I had competition on the Labowski flat. This osprey kept circling me and jabberin like crazy, There were fish in the area but every time I was close to getting a shot, he would swoop down and chase them away. It was obvious I was invading his space and he wanted me out of there. When I walked back to the boat he went back to his perch and shut up.


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