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I Lied

Yesterday when I said I was not going bonefishing I lied. About noon the sun came out and as soon as it did I jumped in the boat and headed to the flats. I went to the first big flat up the creek on the north side, the one with the big mangrove at the end of it. The wind was blowing hard from the east and this area is some what protected. The fish on this flat are big but are also educated as it’s only a five minute boat ride from here and they have seen a few fisherman. I cast to four with each giving me the middle fin but I nailed the fifth. The wind was really ripping today but we still found fish and in one area there were three big schools.

Dan and Nancy had a bumper day in Bowen Sound with Herman yesterday despite the wind. They reported catching over twenty bones. One good thing about the wind is that you can get a lot closer and their not as spooky. On a normal high tide you can get from Young Sound to Bowen Sound on the inside through the mangroves. Yesterday was a real weak tide and they couldn’t get through so they had to go back out the ocean side and they said it was quite a wild ride. Herman’s only comment was (mon that was rough).


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