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Horse-eyed Jack

After dinner yesterday evening Jim and I walked down to the dock. I noticed this dark form coming out from under the dock every so often. I told Jim to go up to the room and get his fly rod and that I was sure it was a Horse-eyed Jack. As we watched we noticed there were two of them. They went off in the dark water and Jim made a cast in the general direction. Just then his line went tight and I told him you better hang on cuz your going to have the fight of your life. The thing almost ripped the rod out of his hand as it headed for the open sea. About twenty to thirty minutes later we landed it on the slip next to the dock, took a couple pictures of it and released it. Pound for pound I can’t think of a stronger fish.

It’s 8:30 am and I’m still waiting for them to get out of bed. The boat is fueled and ready and I’m heading for the back country today. Fighting that Jack last night must have wore him out.


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