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Herman’s Report

Scattered clouds, highs in the low 80’s, wind NNE at 13. Such is the forecast for Andros Island for today. Pretty good conditions and according to Herman it has been this way for the past few days. He called last night with a very good report. In the last three days he has fished Fresh Creek, The Joulters and Bowen Sound. In total he said they have caught over 50 bonefish . Conditions have been near perfect with lots of sun and light winds.

I’m ready to head over there tomorrow but the way things are looking now it will be early January before I get there. I’ll just have to stay a little longer—like about March sounds good.

Art called yesterday and he is about done helping his buddy at the winery there in Santa Maria, Ca. He also said he has had about enough of Ca. for awhile again. I told him he could stay here in cold Montana house sitting for me while I was in Andros. He thought about it for about 2 seconds before taking me up on it. I told him I had lots of firewood piled up and the deal was done.


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