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Herman’s Report

Herman was up at the Joulters a couple days ago and reported good weather, lots of sun and lots of bonefish. He fished Bowen Sound yesterday and I’m waiting for his call on a report from there.

Up the creek today there were lots of clouds, actually more clouds than sun. When the sun did peek through you had to look quick cuz it didn’t last long. I went to a place I had never fished before in the north channel. You have to be really careful as there are rock bars all over the place. I anchored the boat on the west side of an island and started to wade but was soon in mud a little deeper than I cared for. I went to the north side of the Island and found the wading much better. Looking out into deeper water I was amazed at all the fresh feed marks ( I call them bonefish tracks) I was looking out in the bay but a movement much closer caught my eye. There not 25 feet away was a big bonefish. As luck would have it at that very moment the sun was gone. The fish was moving slowly when I got that fleeting glimpse so I cast in that general direction and well ahead. I waited a couple seconds and then strip, strip and the line went taught. Nothing happened and for a second I thought I was snagged on a piece of coral. Then the fish took off and did he ever. I have been deep into my backing several times but not as deep as this time and the fish made 3 hard runs. This was a hot fish and it turned out to be 27 incher with lots of girth. I saw 2 other bones in this flat that were every bit as big or bigger.


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