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Herman, Dan and Al

Yesterday I went fishing with Bahamian guide Herman Bain, and fellow Montana outfitter Dan Delekta. We went way north to some huge flats that Herman knows like the back of his hand. On the first flat we didn’t see a fish for almost an hour and then they came in waves. We were wading about 100 feet apart. I was the first to get hooked up and a couple seconds later Herman hooked up and just a couple more seconds Dan had one on also. This would have made a great picture but there was no one with empty hands left to take it. All these fish were big weighing at least 4 pounds or better. Later in the day Herman and Dan both landed fish that would go 7 or 8 pounds. I got a good pic of one that Herman got which should be on the site soon.

It was just a fun day with 3 experienced fly fisherman giving each other a load of crap when one would screw up the cast. One such experience was when fly fishing guru Herman hit this big bonefish right on the head and I thought it would blow out of the country. Instead it immediately ate the fly which gave us both a good laugh.


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