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Havin fun

My friends Troy and Wendy are on their second day here and are having a blast. Yesterday on Troy’s first attempt at bone fishing he hooked up while we were at Somerset. It was late in the day, there were lots of clouds and we were standing in the flat waiting for a little sun to show up. All of a sudden out of no where this big school of bones were 30 feet in front of us and coming right for us. Troy layed the fly out and stripped almost to the tip top with the fish literally on top of us before one grabbed it. He hooked up and was hooked.

Today we were up the creek and dealing with lots of clouds again. There was a window of good sun for about an hour and in that hour we really got into the bonefish. This flat was loaded with fish that were in schools of twenty of so, big singles and tailers right on the shore with the high tide. The wind was abnormally out of the west with this little front coming in but it made conditions great for us with the sun and wind at our backs on this flat.

This evening Troy hooked into a big horse eyed jack on one of my special secret fly’s. This fish had taken almost evey inch of backing and was heading out to the ocean before he finally turned him. We landed him eventually, took a couple pics, pulled the fly out and let him go. Wendy was in awe at how big this fish actually was out of the water. She saw the fish in the water take the fly and it didn’t look near that big. These fish are in the same family with a permit and with that deep broad body will give you a fight of a lift time. Tackle used was a Scott 8 wt. rod and a #8 Teton reel.


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