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Happy New Year

The following is a greeting from Hank and Eva:

Eva and I would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. We would also like to invite you to come visit us here on Andros Island. The fishing for bone fish as well off shore fishing for wahoo, dorado etc. is some of the best in the world. Al has been here so long he is being treated as one of the natives.

Happy New Year, Hank and Eva

They are treating me as one of the natives. For example last night I was invited to the police station for their New Year’s party complete with drinks and all the food you could eat. Of course it helps to know Alex who is Hank’s brother and chief of police of the entire island.

The last two days Speedo, Lulu and I have been going to Somerset in search of the elusive bone fish. This is a large ocean flat with a white sand bottom. The first day there were fish all over the place with large schools, pairs and singles which are usually the biggest. Yesterday we could find only a hand full. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. As you look out over the ocean toward the reef the blue and green colors are amazing. The beach is a couple miles long and at low tide you can walk forever. It’s not my most favorite place to go swimming as there are lots of sharks cruising between the reef and the beach. We seldom wade over waist deep water when searching for bone fish for the simple reason that if you are in water that deep and are fighting a fish you’re inviting trouble.

In the next couple days Hank, Speedo, Lulu and I are going off shore to the south buoy area in search of a school of dorado. When we find them the fly rods will come out and the fun will begin.


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