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Happy New Year

Hank, Eva, Sprey, Arlene and all here at Hank’s Place wish a happy new year to ya’ll.

The weather window starting Monday looks great for a few days. It looks like we are going to saddle up and head to Williams Island. Hank is going along if you can believe that. He is actually looking forward to it big time. As for me, I can’t wait to get back over there. Wild, remote, a bit dangerous but beautiful and great fishing. The water going down there on the Great Bahama Bank is so blue at times you cannot differentiate between the sky and the water. I just called my friends up at Red Bays and they welcome us back with open arms. Good people at that remote settlement and good friends. I guarantee you do not want them as enemies.

It has been rather windy here last couple days and fishing just so so. Temps. have warmed up nicely to the upper 70’s during the day. I just saw that last night in Divide, Mt. it was down to minus 22 and that was not wind chill but actual temp.


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