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Happy New Year

Same Fly

Hank’s Prize Catch

Mutton Snapper

Reef Shark

Current temp: 81  Wind NNW6

From bottom  fishing to  bonefishing and all has been good along with the weather.

Audrey  and  I were out by the reef bottom  fishing for mutton and yellowtail  snapper and we came back with plenty to eat. We had quite a surprise when her line  took off like a rocket. We were hoping it was going  to be a huge mutton but  it turned  out  to be a reef shark. It was quite a fight but she finally got it to the boat. I tried to get the hook out  with my pliers but when it did a snap I thought what a good  way to lose fingers or a hand so I just cut the leader.

The next day Hank and I went out and I caught three and he had none so far. I offered to let him hold my rod on the next one  so he could see what they feel like. That was a mistake. That’s when he started throwing the  chum on his side of the boat and doing a few of his other little tricks. End of the day the score was me eleven and Hank fourteen. I couldn’t resist taking a  pic of his prize catch though.  Hope he doesn’t find out I posted it as  I might be sleeping on the beach.

Bonefishing up  the creek has been very good. Ricardo Moxey just came in with his guests and said they had a great day. Perfect weather conditions again.

Conditions turning tomorrow with  strong  winds out of the  NW thirty to thirty five. By the end of the week it should be light winds again but bit cooler.


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