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Happy New Year

Another Bull Shark

And this guy was not too happy to be dragged up on the beach. Again we hooked him off the dock and again had to get into the boat and chase, pull tug all the way out to sea. It was close to an hour before he got tired enough to land. A couple pictures and put back into the sea so he can go and bite somebody cuz he is really pissed,

Sorry to report the weather here on Andros has been super. I see that back in Montana it was like -20 or something like that.

The reports I get from back there is that the snowpack is well above  average. That means another good water  year for the river.

Oh and I did get cussed at for the super glue article. It was  worth it.

The guys from Montana who are here now have all hooked up with their first bonefish. Weather permitting their heading to the west  side  tomorrow with Tommy and Bradley.


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