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Hank Finally Wins

Hank and I went out again today and the competition was fierce. I will have to say I took him to my secret spot. He hooked a really big mutton snapper, had him on for awhile and then the line broke. Actually after inspecting the line it was obvious the knot failed and guess who tied that knot? I did and the names he was calling me were not very nice. He was using my rod and he looked at the knot earlier and commented he didn’t like it but didn’t change it. Like the old saying “when going to war, load your own gun”. I always give a honest report and have to admit today I was skunked.

I hope many of you joined Ancat. Gabrielle sent a notice today that there was going to be a big clean up on this Saturday. She has volunteer scuba divers to get trash from the deep channel. I told her me and my boat would be in the action. I plan on taking a couple young kids along with buckets and pay them for each bottle collected. This will come out of my own pocket. If you would like to donate to this cause,contact Gabrielle at the Ancat office.


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