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Great Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and what a enjoyable day it was.

Tommy and I headed to the very head of Fresh Creek looking for big permit. Last year we found them on the full moon tide at the head of the creek. This year they were not there, at least we couldn’t find them. You will see by the pics we went up the creek until we absolutely could not go any more. Amazingly there were bull sharks in that narrow channel. In another photo you can see what is left of the old dock. There was a road from the old settlement of Owenstown down to that channel. At one time that was a booming settlement. They had citrus trees and raised all the produce for the hotel. It had it’s own power plant and air strip. I would love to go in there some time but it’s at least 2 miles from that channel and the road is all grown in. If you get on your google map you can see the fields and air strip along with some buildings still there. Last people to use the air strip were the drug runners back in the early 80’s. Well we didn’t find any permit but we found some nice bonefish. Most of the day we spent exploring new areas back there. There are so many places to fish there it’s mind boggling.

Last night Hank and Eva surprised me with a great birthday cake. Not only did it look good as you can see, it also tasted good. They have truly become great friends.

Weather for this upcoming week looks excellent with highs in the 80’s and light winds.

Had lots of comments on the Bahamian food article but not too many seem to want the boiled fish head—can’t understand why.


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