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Getting buggy, in a big way

It seems like we have been spared from our annual dump of June snow (although the moisture we did receive was very welcomed). If you braved the Big Hole in the last couple of days, good on ya, you deserve a cold brew. The other survivor of this weeks blast of Mother Nature was the salmon flies. We have seen them from the lower river on up towards Silver Bridge/Pumphouse. Surely the cold night and cold water temperatures have slowed them down a bit, but we should see salmonflies continue to emerge through the weekend, slowly working their way upriver towards the Wise and beyond. We also are beginning to see a few Goldens in various spots both up and down river.

A friendly reminder to all coming to the valley in the coming days..expect busy boat ramps and parking areas. Use caution and be patient as other river users put in and take out their boats. Catch and release fish quickly, and keep them wet! Although our flows are below average for this time of year, the diversion dam is still big and you should use caution if you have never floated through there before. Have fun out there, we will be open 7 AM to 6 PM daily, and available for shuttles until late afternoon. If you’re coming for an evening float, please call the shop to find out if we can get you shuttled!


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