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Full Back Flip

Big Hole River 322 cfs. Beaverhead River 488 cfs.

I scored Harold a 5.8 on his full back flip off the back of the raft on the Beaverhead River yesterday. This time there were no rocks and it was in a smooth part right in the middle of the river. He had caught his flies on the back  of the boat and was leaniing way back to try to retrieve them. He slipped  off the chair and did his back flip into the river. He came up with this panic look on his face and I told him to just stand up and he did in about 3 feet of water. I told him to go on the bank and take all his wet clothes off. Just about the time he was in full Monte here comes Monte Hankinson floating by with his clients. There were whistles and wolf howls and someone said  he was sure he heard banjo music in the back ground. This was the second time in two weeks and the only two in 30 years. Probably one more as every thing goes in threes.

Fishing on the Beav. was good at the start. In the first 15 minutes we caught fish on dries, nymphs and streamers. It slowed up later in the day and we couldn’t get any action skating crane flies.

With the cloud cover the Big Hole fished very well on top water yesterday also. Justin said they had several between 16 and 20 inches?????

I also noticed the Big Hole flow bumped up a bit yesterday. It all helps and with cooler temps forecast for next week, water temps should be no problem.


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