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From sun to snow

I just returned yesterday from four weeks on Andros Island, Bahamas and was greeted with eight inches of new snow here on the Big Hole.

As in the past years, Andros was a lot of fun. Some of the flats that produced well last year had very few bonefish and the ones that were there were extremely spooky, so we did some exploring and found lots of fish. There are such vast areas to go there on the creeks and ocean flats. I had the opportunity to go to the west side of Andros a couple times which is noted for big bones. The first time we did very well. About a week later we went again and saw a total of three fish. That’s why they call them the ghosts of the flats.

Big barracudas were plentyful and we hooked several. I have just as much or more fun hooking these guys as I do bonefish. There run isn’t quite as long, but the initial hit is so violent that if your line isn’t clear and every thing is just right, he is going to break some thing.

More on Andros tomorrow.


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