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From Andros Island

This report is coming direct from Hank’s Place, Andros Island , Bahamas.

Today is the first day since I’ve been here that the weather did not cooperate. The day was mostly cloudy with wind at about 20 mph. Not the best conditions for sight fishing–but did it keep me from going out, heck no. A little salt water spray never hurt any body. There are some places to get out of the wind and I did find a few bone’s there. As far as going out on the ocean side today was out of the question. You would have had to wear seat belts just to stay in the boat. Forecast for the next few days looks great with highs in the mid eighty’s and light wind.

Herman Bain and I are going to get together on Sunday for a R&D trip. I told Herman we would take my boat and that I would do the poling. It’ll be fun to see the master in action.

Yesterday I went out with my old Bahamian buddy, “Gogey”. He is a native of the island and does not have a clue about fly fishing, but if you want snapper or grouper for dinner he is the man. We were a ways out on the ocean and all at once he would say stop here. I looked around and didn’t see any thing different but I know better than to question him. Within a matter of a couple minutes we were catching, mutton, gray, and yellowtail snapper. This guy has a gps embedded in his brain. He could tell you what kind of fish on just by the way it would strike.

Next report I will try and get Herman to do an entry on his view of the present conditions and fishing.


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