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From Andros Island

Temp. 78 Incoming tide

It seemed to take forever but I finally got here. I had an over night stay in Orlando and the temp in the morning was a cold 38 degrees.

We just put the skiff in the water and it was in typical Bahamian fashion. By that I mean the truck went into the water as well. Hank had borrowed a truck from a friend and the clutch was so bad it could not pull itself out. There were jeers from passers by saying things like, just wait for high tide and float it out. We gathered up another truck and finally got it out.

Wind is blowing a bit but I’m just rigging up my rods and heading out. By myself so probably won’t go to far today and make sure the boat is running ok.

I walked to the store about 2 blocks away yesterday evening and on the way 3 people yelled my name and greeted me like I had never left. It’s good to be back.

Hopefully I will have a good fishing report this evening.


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