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First Fish

OK, I finally got out this afternoon and got my bonefish fix. Didn’t get started until about 2 in the afternoon, just right for when the clouds rolled in. Visibility at that time was not the best but I still got 2 bones and Jim and Sandy got 2 nice cudas.

Following day——today. Got a late start again and I had those guys drop me off on the Big Labowski flat. I hadn’t gone 100 feet when I say three huge bones off to left. They were about fifty feet and right into the wind which is why I did one extra false cast which proved to be a mistake. The fly dropped right on top of the biggest one’s head. By now there probably in Abaco. There were actually quite a few fish on Labowski. One big school where I could see the push from a long way away. They kept going back and forth but I never got close enough for a shot. I did get two off that flat. Pending any unforseen trouble , tommorrow we are off to Willliams Island.


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