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First Bonefish

Yesterday morning you could not ask for better conditions for seeking bonefish. There was absolutely no wind and nary a cloud in the sky. Dennis and Don have been having a little tough time with these ghosts of the flats. It’s their first time and they found out it’s not as easy as they thought. It has been windy so that makes it tougher as you have to learn to adjust to cross winds, into the wind etc. They were real close many times but no luck. Yesterday they finally both scored bonefish. We were poling the edge of a shore line in the back country and this shore line was loaded with fish. There were big cudas, big mutton snapper, gray snapper and bones all in the same area. We got to a point where it curves into a back bay and there was a school of bonefish coming around this point that wouldn’t quit. Dennis hooked one out of the lead pack and while he had that fish on there were more and more coming by. This was one of the biggest schools I have seen in this area. It rivaled most schools in the Joulters. There had to be at least a couple hundred fish there. His first fish was not a very big one but it might as well have been a 10 pounder as he was smiling and saying “I got me a bonefish mon”. Lots of clouds today and Don and Dennis are up the creek trying to get nice cuda for supper.


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