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The past few days my two brothers, my sister and their spouses have been here. I’ve been trying to get them to come here for the last few years and they finally made it. They have all caught fish and have had some really big fish on and lost them which included Grey Snapper, Horse-eye Jack and even hooked into a shark which cleaned the reel of all line with very little effort. Ray who is my brother in law from Chicago had never caught a fish in his life and is now a pro and thinking of starting his own fishing show. Yesterday Wayne hooked into a huge Grey Snapper while we were bottom fishing. He had it on for about ten minutes and got it close to the boat when it decided it had enough and broke that 20 pound line as it left the country. The last couple nights we have been dining on fresh grouper, mutton snapper and barracuda which we have been catching.

Last night we went to Queens Park for Andros night festival which is held every Friday night. Wayne amazed even a few Bahamians with his dancing capability while he was shaking it up with the best of them.

The weather yesterday and today is for the most part lousy with overcast and windy conditions. We might not even go out today and going on the ocean side is out of the question. I think we’ll head to Somerset to do a little beach combing. This is a white sand beach that is great to explore especially at low tide. As for swimming out there, it’s fine as long as you don’t mind having lot’s of sharks for company. The blue and green colors of the sea off this beach are fantastic.


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