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Today Bahamian guide, Tommy Kee and I decided to do some exploring in the far reaches of Fresh Creek. We were basically looking for permit and tarpon. We poled around the three sisters area and found nothinng. From there we ventured into the far north channel which I have never been. Little tricky getting into it but once there good running with deep water. We were looking for a inland body of water that Tommy had heard about that could perhaps have tarpon and caberra snapper. We found that body of water and I almost wish we hadn’t. Walking to it was horrendous. It was on this lava type spiral rock with pointy spears. If you slipped and fell you would be impaled by at least a dozen of these spears. Once there, Tommy walked around to the deep side and soon hooked into a caberra which got off. He kept yelling for me to come over there and I kept looking at these death defying spires that were growing longer and higher. With my old football days injured knees that were screaming for relief, I made it to where he was at and told him this better be good. I could see the fish in the depths but they were not cooperating.

I call this the pond from hell and if you saw the terrain around it you would agree. This is not to say I won’t go back because from what I saw in the water I most assuredly will go back. There are those who question my sanity as of late and I also wonder about it going into these places and then plan on going back. I’ll devise some type of snow shoe to cross this god forbidden stuff and then make life easier and pleasant with a pic of a nice tarpon on the line.


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