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Ending of a good trip

This is a report directly from Don and Dennis and told in their own words.

Today was rainy and overcast so Dennis and I started fishing for barracuda.We were about a mile up Fresh Creek when we were able to connect on a double hookup. Our fish were in the 24 to 36 inch cudas and we were very satisfied with this catch as they were as good a salt water fish as I have ever eaten. We were able to catch our limit which is 6 fish per boat and this enabled us to share our bounty with other patrons of Hank’s resturant.

Now let me tell you about bonefish. They are faster, spookier and harder to catch than any rainbow, brown trout that I have fished for in Montana. They may not be ultimate challenge but they are a tough a fish as I have ever encountered—-so much so that I can hardly wait for my next trip to Andros Island and can only hope I have learned a little on how to cast to these elusive fish.

My name is Dennis I was here with Don. this may be titled ending of a good trip I,ll add the begining of many more. As a first time bonefisher I,ll tell you that it would be impossable to really tell you how diffulct it is. It was my honor to be able to catch one fish on this trip and I owe it all to Al,s patient guidance. If you have never tried this and are thinking about it I would look into coming here the atmosthere is about as relexed as it can get but everyone here at Hanks is as helpful as you could ask for.

P.S. must rember to let everone know that Don is know a greatgrandfater for the second time while we were on this trip mom and child are doing great.


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