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Dry Rage

Huge Surge

Dry rage is what the locals call this huge surge. This is about the closest I wanted to get with my boat. This is a   very dangerous condition. Wind was absolutely calm and it was a bright clear day.

One local said this happens  when the wind  is under water???? Not too sure about that but the water is  so  stirred up it is a milky color.

Not really sure what causes it but I heard it started around Bermuda. One local fisherman said he  nearly lost his 20 foot boat in one of these waves. It is  still going on today which makes  for 3 days which is very rare.

Got into several schools of  bonefish yesterday with many hookups.

Going on our excursion to  the remote west  side  as soon as we get a 3 day good weather window.

Would like to hear comments regarding the new site. Looks good.

Looking forward to seeing pics of SE Asia from Craig and Lia.


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