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Dream Comes True

The past few days the weather has been excellent and actually hot. Very little wind, lots of sun and lots of bonefish. Today things turned a bit with this cold front coming through and a strong wind out of the west. This morning we still found places out of the wind and found fish. Just after noon the clouds came in along with the wind and we decided to head back. This was the best decision I have ever made as it turns out. When we got back there was a note on my door that said to call helo ops. on the base as they had a seat for me but I had to call by 1315 hrs. and it was 1310 hrs. when I read the note. At that moment the phone rang in my room and it was Linda saying if you want to go she had to call ops now to get me on the manifest for the log run south. I jumped at it and I was a go.

I’ll explain what this is all about. One of the helos from AUTEC makes a run once a week or so to sites 2, 3, and 4 to deliver supplies and what ever to these locations. This trip starts from near Fresh Creek and goes south all the way to site 4 which is on a little island off from south bight. I have been trying to get on this thing for quite awhile. Eva put my name in last week but told me yesterday there was no way. I don’t know what happened but between Eva and Linda they got me on today at the last moment. This helo flight went at low altitude over Somerset, Young Sound, Bowen Sound, North Bight, Middle Bight and South Bight. I saw more flats than a person could never fish in a life time. As we were flying over I was trying to remember channels and such but it just got overwhelming. Strapped in my seat looking out the open window with the wind blowing through, the hum of the rotor blades and gazing at the endless flats of the ocean is an experience I will never forget—-the adrenaline is still pumping. I can’t thank Eva and Linda enough for making this happen. When we landed Linda was waiting to take me to the Beach House which is a bar on the beach on the base where I could tell my story and tell my story I did.


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