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Dream Come True

Hank, Art and I headed off shore this morning toward the south buoy in hopes of finding a school of feeding dolphin (dorado). We spotted the buoy off in the distance and I kept watching as we got closer for the tell tale signs of the birds and fish feeding on the surface. As we got closer it all happened with the birds and fish breaking the surface. It was not the huge feeding frenzy Speedo and Lulu encountered but it was enough. We trolled through first and the hookups were instant. Then it was time to take out the fly rod. Art brought along his 12 weight for just such occasions. He was hooked up in no time and then the fight was on and on and on. I don’t know for sure how long it was but it was way too long for Hank. After we finally boated the fish, Hank never said a word but we knew what he was thinking. Now you guys have had your fun with the fly rod but now it’s time to get some meat for the resturant. For the next couple hours it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and we worked our butts off–well they did as it was my job to drive the boat. That was my excuse but it didn’t work for long as Hank just said put it in neutral and grab one of these rods or the gaff or the bat. We were in his 23 foot Mako and the back of that boat was totally nuts. All three of us were a mess and laughing like you can’t believe. The day was perfect with a very light wind and gentle swell. Hank was thinking about going after some wahoo and grouper on the way home but after looking over the catch we had he decided we had enough and we set a course for home. The ride back was relaxing and beautiful as we crossed the reef and all the blue green colors of the sea. When we got to the dock the work began with cleaning the fish. Hank and Art did the fillet work and I packaged and supervised the whole operation with my feet up on the gunnel and a cold kalik in my hand. This is one of those days I will never forget. A calm ocean, good friends and great fishing.


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