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Double Digit

The reason I have not reported anything for the last 3 days is there was nothing to report except that it was unseasonably cold and windy. I wasn’t about to go out in those conditions so I just hunkered down here and read a few books.

It was cold this morning but by mid morn it was sunny and just a very light breeze. So I decided I better brush off the moth balls and head out. First thing I tried to do is catch that cuda that’s been giving me problems. I got him to chase a popper and he made a serious attempt at nailing it but missed. After that he wouldn’t look at it.

On the way back I stopped on the bottle flat where I caught that permit. I dropped the anchor decided to eat my sandwich. I stood on the bow to keep an eye on things as the visibility was great and this time I had the rod handy. I saw a big fish heading toward me in about 3 to 4 feet of water. I quickly grabbed the rod and stripped off as much line as I figured I needed. All went perfect and when I presented the fly the fish charged it.This was a big bonefish and he took me deep into my backing 3 times. When I got him close I jumped off the boat to land him in real shallow water. This was by far the biggest this year. I measured him on my rod and he went just over 28 inches. Also he was real girthy as Benry said these fish in the winter are. Benry estimated him to be 10 or 11 pounds. And again no camera, same with the permit. I was tempted to keep this fish as Hank told me if I get a real big one to keep it and they season it and bake it. He said they are excelllent eating. I looked at this big guy in the water by my feet and after that big fight he gave me I couldn’t bring myself to kill him. The fish gods are rewarding me for that bottle clean up we did that day because this fish was in that same area and no more than 100 yards from where I caught that permit.


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