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Dorado On A Fly

I was going to do an entry about all the snow we have been getting in the past week or so but I just received a report from Lulu on Andros Island which I have to share.

A couple days ago Speedo and Lulu along with a couple friends went off shore with their big boat. Gene who works at the base was getting stressed out with his job and was in dire need of a fish fix. This was all the excuse they needed to load up and head out to sea. They put their rigs out and it wasn’t long before they had a couple wahoo in the boat. Lulu who captains the boat while they are out fishing decided to head out to the buoy. They hadn’t been there for some time and she had a hunch about it and wanted to check it out. Her hunch paid off as they approached the buoy they saw this huge bait ball near it. A bait ball is when the bait fish swarm together as a sort of defense mechanism. The jacks, tuna and dorado were in a feeding frenzy and on their first pass all rods hooked up with dorado. After boating these fish they headed back to the buoy and the feeding orgy. Speedo got his fly rod out and almost immediately hooked up with a big dorado. It spooled him three times before finally breaking off. How much fun do you think that was. At this time they decided to shut down the engines on the boat, have a picnic and just watch this ocean aquarium in action while throwing out bits of chum from time to time. She said they saw one shark that was at least 12 feet long. Not a good time to go snorkeling to watch the action. When I was there in December Hank and I went out to the buoy with his 23 ft. Mako in hopes of finding the same thing. That was the day when our biggest concern was just to try to stay in the boat as it was just a wee bit rough. This thing is out there a ways and is off the “Wall” in the Tongue of the Ocean at about 6000 feet. You really have to keep an eye on the weather and it’s no place for a small boat. On that day that 23 footer was getting tossed around like a little cork—I can’t wait to do it again.

When we go there next month I will definitely talk Hank into going out there a couple times


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