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Dolphin And Bull Shark

Hank with a big sounding dolphin

The rising sun found Hank and I heading out to sea in my little boat. Forecast was for light winds so we figured the smaller boat would be easier hauling in those big fish. However the winds did pick up  some and thank god for a good working bilge pump as it was going almost constantly. We arrived at the buoy just after sun rise and immediately hooked up  with a couple dolphin (dorado) in the next hour we caught and boated seven. As the sun got higher they flat quit biting.

When we got back to the dock we commenced to cleaning our catch. It wasn’t long  before a couple bull sharks honed in on the carcasses. They acted very aggressive as bull shaks normally do so we decided to have a little more fun. We tied on a steel leader and put on a hunk of fish and hooked up  pronto. It was fun to start with, this 6 foot bull shark streaking across the harbor and then it started to be work. I handed the rod back to Hank and called Morton for backup. After almost an hour and the three of us worn out we beached him on the boat slip, cut the leader and let him go. Lots of work but lots of fun with laughing and passing off the rod to each other.

Fresh Dolphin for dinner tonight.

As you can see  in the picture, bull sharks are quite stout. This pic was taken off the dock just before we beached him.

Bull Shark


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