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Cudas, Conch, Rain

All the bonefish I found the first day have been hiding ever since. The wind yesterday was brutal and we only found a few bones. I talked with Herman and Bonefish Bradley and they both said the fish have gone into deeper water for the time being.

We didn’t get any bones today but the cudas and the conch we found more than made up for it. The cuisine today was totally Bahamian starting with chicken souse for breakfast. This evening we had fresh conch salad made from the conch we found and the bitter sweet fruit we picked from a nearby tree. The Big Labowski actually climbed this tree to pick them. Our man, Gogie cleaned the conch and made the salad which was great as always. For dinner we had fresh barracuda that we caught today, steamed and covered with their special red sauce. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

The day was cut short when we headed back at full throttle with a very nasty storm approaching. We reached the dock just as the wind and rain cut loose.

Weather conditions are supposed to improve in the next couple days with light winds and no rain and the bonefish will be back on the flats.


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