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Find the bonefish

There are two big bonefish in that photo. One is pretty easy to  pick out and the second a bit tough. When you are searching for bones and in doubt what  you see is a fish or not—cast to it any way. I can’t tell you how many bonefish I have caught even when I thought no  way that’s a fish but I’ll cast to it anyway just for the  practise and all of  a sudden the line tightens and off he goes.

Lotsa  clouds  today but enough breaks to get in a  couple hours. I got two nice cudas and mon do those guys fight. Both were around 36 to 38 inches. I kept them both as  I promised a couple natives I would get them one. One was for  ole Skirby who is the  swamper here  at Hanks. He also did a hell of a job cleaning all the mold and stuff off my boat. He was waiting for me  at the dock with  knife in hand. He said you  is a mon  of your word and I knew you would have a Berry  for me. These guys would  rather have Berry (local term for barracuda) than grouper.

Warm but more showers in the forecast.


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