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Cool Temps

Avon Redshank—–raft, frame and seats, $950

Big Hole River 3450 cfs—Maidenrock

If you are interested in the raft above, give me a call 406-267-3346.

As you can see in the photo it’s in excellent condition.

Last couple days have been very cool with scattered snow and rain and wind. However the river is getting better and better every day. Some friends went way up yesterday, above Squaw Ck. and did that section. They said it was relatively slow. I think it’s a little early for good fishing up that high. These unsettled conditions are forecast through the weekend.

My buddy Doug was floating in the Jerry Ck. Dewey area today and doing fairly well. All on streamers of course. I tried to get him to try a new nypmh I tied but he would have nothing to do with it.


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