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Clean Up

The last couple days have been spent on a clean up operation up Fresh Creek. And mon did we ever do a good job. You will see by the pics that boat was loaded several times. On the south shore from the turtle hole (airplane hole) all the way to the boat house the shore line has been cleaned up. On the north shore from dry mangrove point all the way into shark flat it has been cleaned up. This was the worst area and had been nicknamed bottle bay or bottle flat. Now when you see what looks to maybe a bonefish but maybe a bottle which you have cast to many times before, make the cast cuz most likely its a bonefish. There may be a few bottles left but not very damn many I can assure you. That boat looks like a garbage scowl and I hope Linda or Jim don’t find out.

Ancat got some grant money for this clean up and they hired Tyrone. I volunteered my time and the boat. My way of doing my part to make the island and Fresh Creek a little nicer.

Forecast for tomorrow is for calm conditions and lots of sun. And here I committed myself to one more day on this clean up operation. Think I’ll just drop off Tyrone on the shore with a jug of water and a couple dozen garbage bags and tell him I’ll see him in a few hours.

A little perk today as we did get in some time to do a little fishing and we came into the dock with two nice cudas. These fillets are being marinated as we speak.

I almost forgot about the storm. Take a gander at the very bod wetter coming on us this morning. As you can see on the pics I was haulin ass for port big time and we just made it when the storm hit with a vengence with lots of lightning, super heavy down pour and the works. Open water is not a place to be when these things hit. Patricia said the pics will be on tomorrow morn–thursday.


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