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Calm Day

Yesterday the wind let up quite a bit and we were finally able to find some bonefish on the flats again in substantial numbers. The past few days the fishing for bones has been slow but we have been having lots of action with the cudas. Yesterday we hooked into nine of these bad boys. Some big ones broke off and some spit the fly on their first jump and some of the jumps were spectacular.

This morning the sea is like glass and as soon as I can get my crew out of bed, we’re heading out the ocean side. The tide is full right now so it will be ferfect when we get there on the falling tide and catch them coming out of the mangroves.

Saturday night Hank put on a surprise birthday party for Jim and it was quite a feast complete with bbq wild boar.

With this calm sea I have to get these guys out of bed and get going. Should be a great day.


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