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Butt Kicked

This morning was cloudy but very calm. I saw Hank early on and suggested we take advantage of the calm seas and go off the reef and do some bottom fishing. At first he declined saying he had too many things to do. That’s when I told him he was probably scared to go out with me as I would kick his butt like last time. About two minutes later he came around the corner with his rods in hand and said “I’m ready, lets go” . His boat was already in the water and he said we would take it. I haled Jim and Sandy to go along. We got to the first spot and I immediately hooked up. Soon after Jim, Sandy and I all hooked up, but still nothing for Hank. I caught another one and was now starting to rub it into Hank with snide remarks like, here do you want to see what they look like or do you want to hold my rod? About that time Hank had enough and suggested we go to another spot. At that spot Sandy and I caught a couple but it was slow so we went to another area. Hank finally caught a fish and that opened the gate. I never caught another one and he was catching one every couple minutes. After about six more he said now you want to see what they look like? It was my turn to eat crow and he was stuffing me full of it and enjoying every minute of it. I quit fishing and tried to act like I was getting sea sick but that didn’t work. He was giggling like a kid and when the cooler was full of fish he said now we can go.


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