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Browns or Bonefish


Andros BonefishN

Big Hole River 424 cfs

Now which would you prefer? Both these pics were sent to me today. The bonefish was caught yesterday by my friend from Denmark. Morton was on the west side of Andros Island with his favorite Bahamian guide. Quite an impressive bonefish. They  were on a flat the guide called, “Land of Giants” and I can see why it is so named.

Now the brown trout was caught today by my friend and fellow outfitter Doug. This fish was caught on a large articulated streamer and it measured 23 inches. It was caught right here on the Big Hole River. You might also say on the west side, meaning it was just west of my place

The bonefish weighed 8.5 pounds. So we come to the question of which you would prefer to catch? This is a tough one but I have to go with the bonefish. A boney this size has you in your backing in just a couple seconds. When you finally get back to your fly line he will make another run just as far and fast as the first.

On the pic of the bonefish check out the conditions there on the west side. Not a ripple on the water and blue sky.

So which would you prefer to catch? Let me know.


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